Walgreens Balance Rewards

*Not a sponsored post. Just sharing my love for Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program

I wasn’t going to post anything tonight… but I obviously changed my mind.
I found out how awesome loyalty/reward cards are today.

I needed to pick up a few prescriptions from my local Walgreens. I’m always picking up prescriptions and other miscellaneous items from Walgreens so it made sense to get a Balance Rewards Card. If you don’t know what that is or you simply want more info Click Here

Besides my prescriptions, I picked up a package of paper bowls, 2 Zone Perfect bars (Strawberry Yogurt), 2 Hershey’s Gold Candy Bars, 2 Vitamin Waters (Pineapple Coconut), a package each of Gardettos and Chex Mix.
Why am I telling you this? Well, all that combined with the coupons I saved on my balance rewards card for a few of my items AND $10 in reward points, I ended up only paying $2.63! But wait, I had a $5 Walgreens gift card so I ended up not spending any actual cash at Walgreens today.

That’s how you save at Walgreens… Get a Balance Reward Card, earn points, save and use walgreens digital coupons.

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