Words, Words and More Words

Sorry no words of wisdom from me tonight, not that I ever really have any words of wisdom for you…

I don’t really have a purpose for coming here tonight, nor did I have a post planned out. I just felt like coming on and letting whatever came to be out.

This might just end up being a jumbled up pile of nonsense.. Hey, that sounds like my life a jumbled up pile of nonsense that I’m trying to make sense out of.

I just wanted to come on and post something so it didn’t seem so dead on here.
I came, I posted, now I’m heading to dreamland.

Until next time, Keep Calm and Ramble On!

Please Excuse My Absence

Yes, please excuse my absence (even though I haven’t really been absent)…

Perhaps I should have saved this post for when I’ve been missing for awhile… Oh, well.
I have a slight case of depression, I suppose that comes from having end-stage heart and renal (kidney) failure for four almost five years.

So, next time I’m missing for a month (or more) more than likely my depression got to me again.

I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it pulls me under and it takes me a bit to get back up.

If you’re suffering from depression know you are not alone, I know at times it may feel like you are but you’re not.

THAT was definitely where I was planning on taking this post, but that’s okay. My posts always seem to go in the direction they want anyway.

That’s it for me tonight. Until next time, Keep Calm and Ramble On!

Walgreens Balance Rewards

*Not a sponsored post. Just sharing my love for Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program

I wasn’t going to post anything tonight… but I obviously changed my mind.
I found out how awesome loyalty/reward cards are today.

I needed to pick up a few prescriptions from my local Walgreens. I’m always picking up prescriptions and other miscellaneous items from Walgreens so it made sense to get a Balance Rewards Card. If you don’t know what that is or you simply want more info Click Here

Besides my prescriptions, I picked up a package of paper bowls, 2 Zone Perfect bars (Strawberry Yogurt), 2 Hershey’s Gold Candy Bars, 2 Vitamin Waters (Pineapple Coconut), a package each of Gardettos and Chex Mix.
Why am I telling you this? Well, all that combined with the coupons I saved on my balance rewards card for a few of my items AND $10 in reward points, I ended up only paying $2.63! But wait, I had a $5 Walgreens gift card so I ended up not spending any actual cash at Walgreens today.

That’s how you save at Walgreens… Get a Balance Reward Card, earn points, save and use walgreens digital coupons.

Rambling Ahead

Hey everybody, I’m in the mood to ramble.. be prepared for some subject jumping.

Hold on tight, here we go

It’s that time of the year where it’s Winter and Spring all in the same week, tonight it’s raining and tomorrow morning it’s supposed to be a rain/snow mix.

Not the best weather to go out walking in, but hey; I have things I need to do.

While I’m rambling let’s talk phones, what’s better prepaid plans or contracts? What do you prefer?

I like being able to choose my plan month to month, I might need more data one month than I do another. I suppose one could argue that prepaid is unreliable, I personally have never had any problems using a prepaid phone.
I should probably stop now before my brain explodes from thinking too hard… lol

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a little new to putting my thoughts and ramblings out for others to read. I’m the quiet, shy girl who’s always sitting by herself. I figure no one wants to hear what I have to say so I just stay quiet.

Anyway, now that I really am done rambling. Until next time, remember to Stay Calm & Ramble On.

Feb 25

Isn’t that just a catchy title….

Sorry, my creative skills aren’t flowing tonight. I think the high winds blew them away.
I’m beginning to think that, that one lone view from the US is me.. I’m also thinking that if I’d like more ”views” I need to find hosting. (More on that later).

I guess this is going to be a short post. It’s late and I’m tired…… If you’re seeing this let me know, don’t be shy say Hi!!

Did Ya Miss Me?

Did Ya Miss Me? I know, I know it makes a lame & stupid title for a blog post. But seeing as how I haven’t posted on here since November 18, 2017, I thought it was appropriate.

First things first… Welcome to 2018!

I have a lot of interesting posts planned for Keep Calm and Ramble On. My problem isn’t planning posts, my problem is following thru with those plans. I should have made that one of my New Years resolutions.

One of my plans is to make my posts a little more personal than they have been. You see, I have Kidney Failure and am on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD for short) and want to share some of my journey on this blog..
I spend most of my time over on my book blog Are You Ready to be BOOKed??, I need to spend more time over here writing and posting those planned & unplanned posts I have.

Anyway, that all for now. I think need to start posting once a week or something (as long as I remember). I should make myself a reminder note….