Which comes first? The Title or The Post

I always struggle with what to write first. If I write the title first, I then have trouble writing the post. If I write the post first, I can’t come up with a good title.

Perhaps I should start by picking a topic and go from there…

Now all I have are more questions. How long should this post be? Do I include an image? How much detail should I put into said post. Is there such a thing as a good title?

Now for some final questions, Why do I have so much trouble? Am I the only  one with this problem? Will this get easier as I go?

Does anyone have some answers to these questions?

Hello World (Again)

I obviously f*ucked that attempt up… Let’s try that again!

Hi everybody!

For those of you who are new to my blog, my name is Kristen (Krafty) and I use to run Krafty’s Ramblings. From here on out you can call me K. or Kris.

Let’s face it, I like to ramble and I know I can’t be the only one.

I didn’t want to ramble on my book blog Are you ready to be BOOKed??

But I knew I needed/wanted somewhere to let my thoughts out. And I didn’t want to do the whole keep a journal thing, so I created Keep Calm and Ramble On.

Keep Calm used to be a WordPress.com blog, I just recently switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog, (I’m using SiteGround in case you were wondering).

I’m still working on getting everything sorted out. I’m getting there sloooowly. The easy part was setting up the hosting and the domain (I already had that), what I found difficult (and still have a few problems with) was getting the actual blog set up, I’m not a tech genius or wizard so I’m finding certain plugins a bit difficult.

I’m hoping Keep Calm and Ramble On will be more personal than Krafty’s Ramblings.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy (or not).

Until next time, Keep Calm and Ramble On!