Please Excuse My Absence

Yes, please excuse my absence (even though I haven’t really been absent)…

Perhaps I should have saved this post for when I’ve been missing for awhile… Oh, well.
I have a slight case of depression, I suppose that comes from having end-stage heart and renal (kidney) failure for four almost five years.

So, next time I’m missing for a month (or more) more than likely my depression got to me again.

I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it pulls me under and it takes me a bit to get back up.

If you’re suffering from depression know you are not alone, I know at times it may feel like you are but you’re not.

THAT was definitely where I was planning on taking this post, but that’s okay. My posts always seem to go in the direction they want anyway.

That’s it for me tonight. Until next time, Keep Calm and Ramble On!

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