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I was going through some of my older posts on my book blog and came across this one, I felt this was a post that should be posted again,
**Originally published on Are You Ready to be BOOKed? on May 22, 2016

Picture Credit: Google

Picture Edit: Crystal “Toni” Schmidt

“When you used to wanna spread a rumor, you would go to a bathroom wall, scream it from the rafters or handwrite our untruths. Nowadays we text it, email it or facebook/twitter it. STOP THE BULLYING – no matter how you do it ………. it’s still bullying and we aren’t kids anymore! #truth #realtalk #growup” – Crystal “Toni” Schmidt

Crystal your words combined with this pic have such a strong message that I think needs to be shared.

I’ve come to realize it’s not just kids on the playground doing the bullying either.. It’s the adults too, they’re just as bad if not worse.

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NOW is the time to STOP THE BULLYING!

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