Did Ya Miss Me?

Did Ya Miss Me? I know, I know it makes a lame & stupid title for a blog post. But seeing as how I haven’t posted on here since November 18, 2017, I thought it was appropriate.

First things first… Welcome to 2018!

I have a lot of interesting posts planned for Keep Calm and Ramble On. My problem isn’t planning posts, my problem is following thru with those plans. I should have made that one of my New Years resolutions.

One of my plans is to make my posts a little more personal than they have been. You see, I have Kidney Failure and am on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD for short) and want to share some of my journey on this blog..
I spend most of my time over on my book blog Are You Ready to be BOOKed??, I need to spend more time over here writing and posting those planned & unplanned posts I have.

Anyway, that all for now. I think need to start posting once a week or something (as long as I remember). I should make myself a reminder note….

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